Sunday, April 26, 2009

sunday drive...

Hey international community!  Here is where Cypriots keep all their ammunition!  This is a hollow hill! All their weaponry for making warfare lies here!  Middle of the island! 

And in other news, this is wild lavender. Plucked from the roadside. It smells like honey and lavender warmed together. The blossoms are a much sharper colour than the lavender we grow at home. We had driven into the centre of the island to my uncle's cousin's orchard for lunch.  His cousin grows kumquats, olives and pomegranates and keeps chickens and pigeons for eating.  Lunch was spring lamb and pigeon slow roasted on an outdoor spit, with salad and baked potatoes, finished with a salty, mature halloumi cheese.  I discovered "lizard hill", a mound beneath an old olive that was harbouring a collection of grubby, yet sweet, striped lizards. 

You all right back in Kiwiland? I'm dismayed to think the Mexican swine virus may have set foot upon our soil! 

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  1. Are you sure you should be telling everybody where the guns are? Loose lips....