Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today we are making our way North, up the coast towards Big Sur.  As we left the Santa Monica/Malibu reigon Joe showed me Henry Miller and Barbara Streisand's homes - couldn't see much of either.  Barb's has a big gate, while Henry's old home is a pretty, 50s era bungalow.  Joe's smart, fast Toyota Prius, zoomed past thrift shops a plenty in a small, haunting, migrant worker town that looked driven into the ground by the recession.  The town stood out from the upper middle class establishments we've been mostly hanging round.  When I finally got to stop at a thrifty in Santa Barbara (remember the soap?), the prices were so exorbitant I instructed Joe to "drive on!" Just my luck to find the most expensive one ever.  But don't worry I will find one.  

The absolute highlight of this drive was seeing a pod of dolphins playing in the kelp beds off Malibu. (Besides the continuation of Joe's many wonderful stories ...)

They were so beautiful.  A small group of us gathered at the side of the road to watch, while I got out my long lens to snap a few pics.  I passed my binocs around the small crowd made up of a Mexican family, and some RV travelers. (thanks Sam again for those)

The weather turned patchy as we moved North, bringing my first California rain.

Tomorrow we go to Hearst Castle! Big Sur is meant for the next day, but apparently the road is closed due to rain... so  we shall see.   Right now I'm so tired. So so tired. PS the food here is terrible! 


  1. Love the photo's, so atmospheric and filmic...

  2. I hated the food too..it's not real.

  3. oh that photo with the trees..!