Thursday, April 2, 2009

Santa Monica, Day one

Well I arrived. I'm in Santa Monica, sitting on Joe's deck next to the raccoon family tree.  Apparently a family of raccoons lives there, although they haven't surfaced yet.  The flight was uneventful, bar a small boy who took a liking to me and who hung over his seat to wave and dribble over my meals much to the amusement of my neighbour. 

Joe's apartment (and raccoon tree!)

Joe has a very cute dog named Skeetix, hopefully the photos show up...  Joe took Skeetix and I for a walk down to the Santa Monica pier after he recorded his weekly podcast for KCRW, a public radio show based out of Santa Monica College. 

Joe, with pier behind

The old pier carousel

Recording at KCRW (listen to Joe's show here)

We drove past superstar architect Frank Gehry's house, a block or two from Joe's house  (here is a picture for Anna).  Gehry built his home over and around an original 1930s cottage resulting in this delightful dialogue between old and new. Although apparently Gehry's wife finds it a little drafty.  And the roof leaks. 

For dinner we popped into Joe's favourite sushi restaurant where I had the best sushi I have ever eaten.  Ever.  There were a group of archetypal science/math geek boys sitting next to us held in sway by one dominant geek.   We tried to get a shifty photo of said crowd... I'm quite tired now... tomorrow Death Valley by private plane!

Ps, we drove around Bel Air for a bit too and I admired an Eve Arnold photograph of Joe with Charlie Chaplin... very very special!


  1. Yeah! So what wondrous things have you been upto today? Dying to hear all your impressions.

  2. Just realised the time there. The day is about to happen. Finishing here. Love you.

  3. hey you have be walking in the steps of your mums....

  4. The cutest little dog ever! And a very gentle-looking man. Sorry about the Death Valley trip. Would have been great.