Sunday, April 5, 2009

A post for Alan and Anna...

We drunk this with dinner tonight, a gift from Joe's dear dear friend Mei-Lee, a wonderful Chinese American woman living in Pasadena (Mary's home town).  The earth moved, yes it did.  Did I mention the vintage of this wine is 1988? Explore further here.  Thank you so much Mei-Lee for your gracious generosity. xxx

PS, Mei-Lee happens to also have fine, fine taste in art - hanging on the wall in her lounge was:

Yup, that's an original Degas. 


  1. Oh Jess, be prepared for the simple life here. LA we are not!

    Had a glorious day in Paphos - went to Polemi with friends where they have a field full of blooming wild tulips - it is from here and Turkey that the Dutch took the first bulbs back and cultivated them into the styalised tulips most of us know. The drive was glorious - all the yellows of spring and green, green, green. We found masses of wild garlic, miniature irises and picked armfuls of the easter pink gladioli, known by some as Lazarus - but Costas calls the big yellow daisies Lazarus.
    Friends came for full English as we were to meet people in Polis for fish at 3pm. But we stopped around 1pm at other friends in Stroumbi, the old lady being of the old school and a fantastic cook, plied us with amazing 'just a taste' plates of food and home made bread, so by the time we arrived for fish an hour later we were still stuffed. I did not eat. But Costas found another friend in the Polis plateia who fetched a tray of fresh loucoumades just for me, and barring the others eating 2-3 each I ate the whole bloody lot. Am stuffed, have heartburn, bloated and do not want to go to work tomorrow!!

  2. Bloody hell Shannon, you need to start your own Cyprus blog... that sounds incredible.... I can't wait to get to Cyprus, you have no idea! I don't really like LA that much, it's very fun... but.... xxxx