Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The old city by Mercedes Benz

Nicosia, where I'm staying, is the last divided city in Europe.  The capitol of Cyprus was divided between the island's Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities following civil unrest in the 1960s.  Following an attempted coup to unite the island with Greece, Turkey invaded, claiming the North of the island as Turkish territory.  The city is split by the green line, a military patrolled boundary that runs through the centre of Nicosia's old town.  The old town is surrounded by a newer, modern city that sprung up around the 800-900 year old Venetian walls that circle the inner city. 

Last night, my uncle took us for a drive into Nicosia, and into the old town.  The car we drove in with is rather special.  Costas owns a 1956 Mercedes 220S in mint condition.  To cut a long (but interesting) story short, this car once belonged to his father and was the very car he learnt to drive in.  (It was also the first car on the island to have air conditioning!)  The car was sold out of the family many decades ago, and only by some curly twists of fate, ended back up in family hands again.   

Above, Merc vision, below, Old Town streets:

Shannon and Myrna (Shannon's housekeeper) with Costas in the car:

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