Sunday, April 12, 2009

Munich airport

Munich airport is one of the nicest airports I've ever been in.  It is light, spacious and beautifully designed.  A real pleasure.  Good on ya, Germans! Had a 4 hour layover between LA and Cyprus... at which point, after a 12 hour flight, I was exhausted.  But, made an effort to go through customs and sit outside in a nice outdoor cafe.  The flight to Larnaca was on an old airbus(!) with no inflight entertainment.  I was only partially conscious throughout the flight.  I'm so over special vege meals on planes! *arghh*.  In my semi-delirious state, Cyprus looked like Peter Pan's island, all strange twinkling lights under a full moon.  It certainly looked beautiful.  As I came through customs, there was Shannon!  A strawberry blonde amongst a sea of black waving merrily! YAY I"M HERE!

First photograph in Germany I've ever taken... (ps Germany looked so gorgeous in the mid afternoon light as I flew over her... must visit properly sometime. Even these stairs looked great. 

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