Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leaving for Europe tomorrow...

I leave LA tomorrow... spend two days traveling to Cyprus!!!!!!!! WHERE THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES!  I'm so looking forward to seeing you Shannon and Costas!   Here are some celebratory images of my flame haired aunt: 

Shannon in the back.  

Athens 1988 with Alannah, Sophie, Shannon, Jessie and Clancy

BUT I'm going to miss you Joe, you've been SO SO SO kind to me and so graciously generous with your time and energy.  But, never fear, dear readers, Joe will be back... because I have many, many more stories to share with you about our time together and Joe's extraordinary life.  Oh and I've invited him to Cyprus.  Is that ok Aunty?


  1. and from Jess's mum I too thank you for looking after her.

  2. Absolutely. Love having visitors. Oh and thanks for posting pics of me from the 16th century when my hair was still red and I could wear shorts without embarrassment!!! My middle name is Nemesis, Jess. I'll pick my time.