Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here at last!

So, I arrive in Larnaca around 2am.  Shannon is there to greet me.  I'm feeling a bit wobbly on my feet from tiredness, but as the warm night air hits me I start to revive. She takes me to Limassol, a nearby seaside city about 50km away, where her and my Uncle Costas are staying at a hotel while Costas attends a medical conference. Outside our door is this sight: a pool paradise. We open a bottle of wine and have a night cap.  This night cap turns into drinking the entire bottle of wine, (which in my state is pretty lethal).  Shannon gets drunk, I get drunk, we go to bed after having a good ole catch up in the orange scented night air. 

The next morning I see the pool by daylight: 

and find the source of the orange fragrance:

In response to our impropriety the night before, my uncle teases me by saying "You've strayed your auntie!" in his delightful Greek infused English.  Apparently Shannon hasn't been that tiddly since the 80s. (or maybe the 90s?)  Anyway, harden up Shannon, a night on the (pool) tiles every now and then is good for you!  Leaving the glorious hotel, we drive to a taverna for a fish lunch, passing fields of wild poppies, Lazarus daisies, easter lillies, wild garlic and mustard flowers, anemones and carob trees.  We stop and get out of the car, crushing tiny edible flowers in our fingers and then tasting them.  

At the taverna, the Mediterranean sea is a deep, glistening blue. 

Lunch is a wonderful spread of salad, tahini, fresh fish with a wonderful local table wine, followed by earthy Cypriot coffee. I've started learning some Greek... "thank you" and  "you're welcome". 

I've unpacked, updated this thing, and am now ready to lie down somewhere... The sun is setting turning the sky pink and mauve, and soon the Turks will light the massive Turkish flag they have placed on the mountains on the Northern side, a real finger to the Greek south.  xxx night night NZ, you're all sound asleep in your beds. xxx


  1. HEY! I can comment LOL

  2. Jealous!!! it looks amazing

  3. Yeah. It looks like a little paradise

  4. That pool paradise photo almost made me die! But motivating. to make it to Paris in October! Miss you!
    Lots of love,

    Monsieur Comber