Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last saturday we danced until 4am. I had such a lovely night... thank you for coming dear ones.  Especial thanks to Craig, James and Sean for the music xxx  Now I've just finished packing and am wondering if I can make it to the zoo, aka my happy place, for one last otter/spidermonkey/kookaburra waltz.  Buying that zoo pass was the best gift to oneself.  I don't know if i will ever live in another city again so close to a zoo...  About to leave for the airport.  Andrea and Craig very sweetly showed me a fascinating article on how to survive a plane crash... I've made sure I'm sitting minimum 5 rows from an exit.  I won't be removing my shoes either.  Any way this is the beginning of a travel blog of sorts... love you all xxxx 

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