Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cambodia Town, Long Beach, CA

(Disclaimer: Due to mum not understanding my expression in this photograph - I am trying to look sorrowful at being "handcuffed" to this nice officer - alas I'm not a very good actress! No he was NOT pinching my bum)

This is me being semi-arrested by two officers who walk the Cambodian beat in Long Beach, CA.  Actually they were extremely friendly and we've all promised to send postcards to one another.  Kids - Jack, Sally, Hayley and Olivia, you've got your very own LASD stars coming your way.   Long Beach has the second highest Cambodian population (outside of Cambodia and after Paris) in the world.  Around 40 000 have made their homes here, turning Anaheim Street into an official Cambodia Town.  It was great to visit, and it reminded me a lot of home - well, South AK anyway.  Khmer New Year is next weekend, so the community had a little warm up parade and stage show in a empty car lot on the corner of a busy intersection.  It was a bit of a rag-tag community affair with dodgy sound problems and a lack of ambiance, but nonetheless was wonderful to be part of.  Met a young guy who speaks fluent Khmer - he learnt it working on fishing boats with Cambodian immigrants in Alabama.   Anyway, he's made this film.

glamour girls

Later this evening I took a walk down the Santa Monica shopping strip.  It was buzzing with musicians and these dancers below.  They were having such a great time! It has been a very balmy day today, the weather has lost its cold edge. xxx

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  1. eheh i LOVE your face expression!!!

    bet is was a lovely surprise for them to meet you