Friday, April 3, 2009

Avoid residential over flights: be a good neighbour

I'm tapping this with one finger as one finger on the other hand got slightly run over by a parking cessna.  I'm ok!  Just clutzy.  I was popping the chock under the wheel....  lovely flight over Malibu and the Hollywood hills...  Will write more once my other hand recovers.  In the meantime here are some photos...Update on that finger... I'm now typing again...but it's pretty purple and swollen. Luckily not broken! I was placing the chocks under the plane after the flight. Well, if that was the worst injury that could befall me, I'm pretty happy! There is still hope we can do the Death Valley trip later in the week... It was just too windy today. Pilot thought he should play it safe. Meanwhile the stories just keep coming here in L.A...

Malibu beach property

Santa Monica Pier

Sky road map


  1. Hey you've been treated like a real princess off course!!... spectacular views over LA...and by the way you're looking pretty stylee