Saturday, April 18, 2009

Athens home and the beginning of a mad-wonderful road trip

This is our family's street. In the far, far distance is the Parthenon (the Acropolis).  Just imagine!  On my first day here, the entire family crammed itself into a mini-van to head north, to the mountains.  This was a 5-6 hour trip.  Just to begin. 

The motorway snuggles up to a little church

I LOVE Lucy.  Uncle Costas's sister.  She is sweet, glamourous and as warm as pie. 

We stopped beside the sea to enjoy coffee and sweets...  AND lovely homemade cheese pies.  (I thought I was saying goodbye to pies when I left NZ - to find them here, in their Greek invocation, is rapturous. 

Lovely, earthy Greek coffee.  

Andy and Sophie (Shannon's daughter).

Very Special children. 

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