Saturday, April 18, 2009

Athens arrival.

Sophie, Sophie and Lucy

Oh gosh, so we're here.  We head straight to a lamb taverna from the airport to meet family and have dinner.  Cousin Sophie and her boyfriend Andy have flown in from England, and Thalia, Takis, Mando, Lucy and George are standing by at the restaurant.  The reunion is tearfully happy, especially for Thalia, Sophie's 16 year old cousin, who is overjoyed to see Sophie. 

Rain? In Athens? amazing.

Shannon gleeful over the Greek lamb she's been hanging out for...  

Just look at that pile of plates the waiters are clearing up!

honey and yoghurt - divine

My first proper greek salad.  There have been many, many more.  We eat these with every meal.  Each time the feta, oil and red onion is slightly different... but always, always perfectly simple and satisfying.

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  1. what a beautiful photo of Sophie hugging Thalia. I'm saving that one.