Thursday, April 9, 2009

Americans and food

Woman leaves gas station with soda in a 1.5 litre cup.  Next to "feeding frenzy" fast food poster. 

Man outside same gas station, devouring a high fat sausage burger thing in under 10 seconds before moving on.  These food habits result in said guts. It's really sad/obscene.  It's a strange paradoxical world this one, where size zero reigns supreme, yet people on average, are disgustingly obese.  You should of seen the kids at Disneyland.  Many children were painfully overweight. Mum has always said this culture of over-eating should be considered child abuse. 

One of my lunches on the road, their variation on a "light meal." (the image doesn't really show how massive the helping was. 

1 comment:

  1. i flippin love those green peppers!!!
    you can't find them here in good old enzed.
    i've tried...
    it's like a full time job being a fattie in america. it's very sad. i think we're relatively healthy people on the whole, kiwis. we have a wholesome lifestyle...
    which of course, is why you're so tall..
    ; )x